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    Welcome to Restaurant Teuta Since 1984 at the heart of the Old Town in Ulcinj.
    Founder Shazi Nimanbegu

    Shazi Nimanbegu

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    Ultimate dining experience like no other
    Among the best visited restaurants in Old town of Ulcinj, one of the oldest and with best food in Ulcinj Old town.

    Restaurant Teuta as it’s name ( Illyrian Queen ) is a Queen among the restaurants. With an large terrace overlooking the small city beach, and areas of Rana, Pinješ and Meterizi, restaurant Teuta hosts in an covered and open air with sea view terrace up to 80 guests. If you are looking for an wider offer than rooms with sea view terraces as well are provided by this owner.

    Choice to visit and eat in restaurant Teuta can never be a mistake.


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    Restaurant Teuta, Since 1984 celebrates the best of Ulcinj and the Adriatic Fresh fish, while including time-honored cooking techniques from around the world. Fish will showcase the region’s bounty in live seafood tanks and interactive cooking stations, bringing guests seafood dining in a way that only Restaurant Teuta can.

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    Restaurant Teuta
    Old Town (Old City), 85360 Ulcinj, Montenegro
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